Over the past 20 years, more than 97,000 Afghan nationals have moved to the United States. Most recently, Afghan civilians began fleeing Afghanistan in August following the Taliban takeover. By mid-September, approximately 23,000 Afghan refugees had arrived in the US. The US government committed to resettling 55,600 refugees from U.S. military bases in Afghanistan. The majority have been offered temporary housing and support services. However, many new arrivals are still trying to secure employment as they establish a new life in the U.S.A.


Immigrant workers in the US

The United States workforce currently consists of around 160 million people, and around 17% of those are immigrant workers. When coming to the country as a refugee or asylum seeker, after one year of refugee status, they may apply for permanent residency.


Securing employment

Due to a shortage of skilled workers, U.S. companies are looking for entry-level workers to fill many vacancies. Work experience is not always necessary and on-the-job training is provided where necessary.

Top recruiting sectors include:

• Hotels and Hospitality – housekeepers, front desk agents, banquet staff
• Food Service – cooks, kitchen prep staff, servers
• Manufacturing – assembly line workers, welders, machine technicians
• Warehousing – materials handling, picking/packing staff, forklift operators
• Construction, Maintenance and Landscaping – electricians, laborers, building and grounds staff
• Medical – certified nursing assistants, aides


The staffing team at BullsEye has decades of experience placing candidates in these roles, as well as many others. They take a personalized approach to ensure that candidates are matched to a job based on their skills and interests.

This kind of recruitment process takes the hassle out of job-hunting. Instead of searching for work themselves, candidates have suitable job options brought to them by recruitment experts.


Relocation and housing

Once a job offer is received, the rest of the hiring process can advance very quickly. BullsEye understands that moving to a new location with short notice can be stressful. Getting ready to relocate is a big task and finding housing in a new area is one of the toughest challenges.

To make things easier, BullsEye offers optional employee housing. This way, new recruits can settle quickly in a safe, affordable home close to where they will be working. Each home is ready to move in, with basic furnishings included.

With pre-arranged housing, there is no need for employees to go through financial credit checks or set up utility payments. Everything is organized on their behalf by the BullsEye team, with all utilities included in the rent.

Some jobs in the hospitality industry may include free accommodation. This allows staff to live on-site at the hotel or resort where they are working.

Job locations will vary depending on the openings available at the time a candidate is searching. BullsEye is currently providing staff in Colorado, Delaware, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, Oregon, Texas, and Wisconsin. Worksite locations are added frequently, with new jobs and housing available too.

Travel assistance

The BullsEye Ticket Purchase Program provides eligible employees with a one-way ticket to their work location. Recruiters work with candidates to schedule their flights and arrange for them to be greeted at their arrival airport. A BullsEye driver will then take new employees to their housing, where they can get settled before starting their new job.


Continued support

BullsEye supervisors offer continued support, advice, and encouragement to employees who are embarking on their new careers.

Employees benefit from this support as well as work promotions, job transfers, and other career advancement opportunities.



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