Worksites are not always situated near their target workforce. This makes it important for companies to attract employees from further afield, which is not easy to do. Having the support of an organization that specializes in employee relocation is a must. 

Finding non-local candidates that are willing to make the move can be difficult, but BullsEye recruiters know where to look and have several incentives in place to help bring employees on board. 


Relocating workers  

Currently, the United States workforce stands at around 160 million people, and approximately 17% of those are immigrant workers 

The migrant candidate pool is a good place to start, especially when filling entry-level positions where on-the-job training is provided. Job seekers in this category are already looking to relocate and are likely to be more flexible regarding work location.  

Immigration processes can take time though, so recruiting from U.S. territories such as Puerto Rico is a good idea if timescales are short. BullsEye has helped countless Puerto Ricans find work and housing in the United States in recent years. Many of these candidates are sourced through BullsEye’s dedicated Facebook page, which targets job seekers in the region. 


Candidates based in the U.S.A. 

If local job opportunities become scarce, candidates based in the U.S.A will also need to consider relocation. However, the issue of reluctance remains, particularly given how far from home worksites can be.  

Even candidates that are keen to relocate will opt against it sometimes. This is usually because they do not believe that they have the financial means to do so.  

BullsEye has assistance programs in place to overcome this and make the move as easy as possible, including pre-arranged housing and air travel schemes. 


Trade school graduates 

The retirement of the Baby Boom generation is causing a severe skilled trade worker shortage in the U.S. Companies are now looking to trade school graduates to fill the gaps left behind. BullsEye is well positioned to assist graduates with their career search, finding suitable worksites and providing relocation support where necessary. 

The BullsEye staffing team has experience in filling vacancies across a number of skilled trades, including some of the most in-demand professions: 

  • Electricians 
  • Machinists 
  • Welders 
  • Construction Workers 
  • Mechanical Engineers 
  • Heating and Cooling Technicians 
  • Plumbers 
  • Civil Engineers
  • Industrial Mechanics


Housing support  

Pre-arranged housing can be a really effective relocation incentive.  

Moving to a new location with little time prepare can be daunting, and finding a new home is challenging at the best of times. BullsEye offers an optional housing support package that provides a safe, affordable home that is move-in ready. The entire rental application is taken care of on the candidate’s behalf, with utility bills and basic furnishings included in the rent.  

When placing hospitality staff, the BullsEye team will look to negotiate free on-site accommodation at the relevant hotel or resort. 


Travel assistance  

Depending on worksite and candidate location, air travel may be required. BullsEye understands that this can be costly for employees, so a Ticket Purchase Program has been set up to provide a free one-way ticket to the relevant destination. Workers participating in the scheme will be collected from their destination airport by a BullsEye driver and taken to their new housing to settle in before starting work. 



BullsEye has decades of experience in sourcing and relocating employees throughout the United States. Our team provides a professional service for candidates, guiding them throughout the process with continued support, advice, and encouragement. 

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