More than 100,000 Puerto Ricans relocate to the United States each year, and despite the pandemic, the route remains open for job seekers pursuing the American dream. Better wages and overall quality of life are just some of the reasons why Puerto Ricans head to the mainland.  

There are many things to consider when relocating to a new area, but securing a well-paid job and desirable housing is always key.  


Finding a job in the U.S.  

The U.S. labor market is huge, and there are plenty of open positions for workers who are looking to relocate. Because Puerto Ricans are U.S. citizens, they have an advantage in competitive labor markets over foreign workers who require a visa in order to be employed in the U.S.A.  

U.S. companies need skilled tradespeople as well as entry-level workers who receive training on the job. Work experience is not always necessary. 

Top recruiting sectors include:  

  • Hotels and Hospitality – housekeepers, front desk agents, banquet staff 
  • Food Service – cooks, kitchen prep staff, servers
  • Manufacturing – assembly line workers, welders, machine technicians  
  • Warehousing – materials handling, picking/packing staff, forklift operators  
  • Construction, Maintenance and Landscaping – electricians, laborers, building and grounds staff  
  • Medical – certified nursing assistants, aides  

The staffing team at BullsEye Jobs has decades of experience placing candidates in these jobs, as well as many others. They will personalize their approach to ensure a perfect job match based on a candidate’s interests and skills.  

This kind of recruitment process takes the hassle out of job-hunting. Instead of searching for work themselves, candidates have job options delivered to them by recruitment experts.  


Finding a home in the U.S.  

Once a job offer is received, the rest of the hiring process can advance very quickly. BullsEye understands that moving to a new geographic location with short notice can be stressful. Organizing to move is a big task and finding new housing in a new location is an additional challenge. 

That is why BullsEye applicants may choose the optional employee housing that BullsEye arranges. This gives them a safe, affordable place to live near their new job. Everything is pre-arranged and ready for moving in, including basic furnishings. BullsEye employees who live in the pre-arranged housing don’t have to worry about financial credit checks or paying utilities bills beyond the regular rent payment. And in some locations, such as the hotels and resorts that BullsEye staffs, housing is free (no rent) and is on-site at the work property. 

Jobs are available in many different locations, depending on the vacancies that are open at the time a candidate is seeking employment. Currently, BullsEye is filling jobs in Colorado, Delaware, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, Oregon, Texas, and Wisconsin.  

But the jobs and locations change, as BullsEye recruiters fill the open jobs and as the company secures new worksites across the country. So, the good news is that BullsEye always has jobs and housing. It’s just a matter of what is available at the time a candidate is searching.  


Arranging flights

Traveling to the U.S. is a major expense for many Puerto Ricans, which is why BullsEye’s Ticket Purchase Program offers a free one-way ticket to the job location for individuals who qualify. Once a job offer is accepted, candidates work with BullsEye to schedule their air travel. When they arrive in the U.S., they are greeted at the airport by a BullsEye driver who takes the new employees to their housing and helps them settle in before their first day of work. 


Ongoing support 

BullsEye’s support, encouragement and advice won’t end at arrival. If a new employee needs a loan for the housing deposit or a salary advance for necessities, BullsEye can offer financial assistance. And once employed, BullsEye offers career advancement, promotions, job transfers, and ongoing advice to help new employees make the most of life in the United States.  



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