Even after the decision has been made to relocate for work, there can be many questions left to answer.

What will life be like in a new city?

What preparation is required in order to excel at work?

Will it be easy to make friends and build a community?

In times of change, it helps to receive guidance from professionals who know the process well. BullsEye has helped thousands of workers relocate from all over the United States, including U.S. territories such as Puerto Rico, Guam and the Virgin Islands. Along the way, BullsEye recruiters have collected useful information about how to make the transition smooth and successful.

Here are some of the things job seekers should keep in mind to ensure their experience of relocating for work is a good one.


Get organized and plan effectively

Relocating is a big step and there are always lots of things that need to get done. It helps to be organized from the very beginning.

One way to stay on top of everything is to keep lists of what needs to get done, including tasks such as medical appointments, scheduling internet hookup, and shopping for additional furnishings. It’s also a good idea to note down important deadlines next to list items, when appropriate.


Make use of available resources

BullsEye offers a range of resources and services to help their new employees settle in. These can include providing housing and hosting work orientation or induction sessions for new employees.

New employees should check in with the BullsEye staffing team to see what is available and make a point of saying yes to as many of the options that apply to them as possible, even if they feel shy or hesitant about joining in. These are great ways to start building a sense of community so that a new location feels like home.


Take time to adjust

Moving from one place to another usually involves culture shock, even when it’s just from one U.S. city to another. Many newcomers feel out of place or lost at first, but it’s nothing to worry about. It’s natural and it will pass.

It’s also important to remember that everyone adjusts to new surroundings at their own pace, so no one should try to hold themselves to anyone else’s timeline. Even though it may take some time, newcomers will eventually feel at home in their new life and new routine.


Find things to look forward to

Even when a new employee is excited to start a new job in a new location, relocating for work can still be a stressful process. This is why it’s important to have specific things to look forward to that will help carry them through those moments when they may feel overwhelmed or discouraged.

This can be something simple like visiting a local ice cream shop that looks enticing. It can also be a professional goal, such as earning the title of employee of the month. What matters is picking something that will bring joy to help ease through the transition.


Reach out for help if needed

Hitting snags is inevitable when relocating for a job, so don’t forget that help is available.


BullsEye offers ongoing support to the job seekers we serve. Providing  financial assistance, career advancement opportunities, and general advice about how to have a thriving life in the United States.

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